Extra insurance coverage for GembirdŽ surge protectors


With the GembirdŽ surge protectors the electrical appliances attached to them are protected against harmful surges and spikes in the power supply.


To provide even more security, GembirdŽ in cooperation with Allianz-Insurance offers an extra insurance under the following conditions.


This insurance gives you an additional protection. The insurance provides coverage of up to 20000 Euro for all the damages which might occur to the devices attached to GembirdŽ surge protectors as result of power surges/spikes or lightning.


The insurance is applicable to the whole range of GembirdŽ surge protectors. It is effective worldwide with the exception of USA and Canada.


What should you do in the case of the damage?


ˇ  You should produce the original receipt as proof of you being the first time buyer.

ˇ  You should keep both the defective device and the GembirdŽ surge protector till the end of the claim process.  In certain cases the Allianz-Insurance might require to have an examination of the defective device.

ˇ  You should inform Allianz-Insurance about your claim within 10 days after the date of the accident. The claim compensation will be provided by the Allianz-Insurance.


Where can you send your claim?


ˇ  In case of the damage, please, call Allianz-Insurance or send a fax or an E-mail within 10 days.

Contact person: Mr. Mutsch

Tel: +49-2921-36160
Fax: +49-2921-361699
E-mail: r.mutsch@allianz.de